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Three Time Zones is Jesse Gardner and Drew Johnson, prattling on about everything from philosophy to pet peeves. Join us every Tuesday as we span three time zones to talk life, design, philosophy, personal stories, and general miscellany…

Episode List

  • Jesse and Drew both have birthdays around now, so we decided to talk through Drew's list of truisms he wrote in his 20's and see if our older selves agree or disagree.

  • (Sorry for the audio issues on this episode!) After this surreal week we've had, we thought everyone needed a change of pace, so we're celebrating novelty day by doing Three Time Zones live this week! ALSO: DREW SHAVES HIS HEAD!

  • We decided to scrap our planned topic this week and talk about what's on everyone's mind. We talk about disinformation, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and how differently people respond in the face of fear and uncertainty. (Note: Apologies for the audio problems in this week. Also, Jesse was completely wrong about the China toilet paper thing... most of the toilet paper is produced in the US.)

  • We recorded sounds from our day and try to get the other person to guess what they were. How good are you at identifying our sounds?

  • Drew and Jesse talk about whether they're night owls, morning larks, or third birds — and a bunch of other fascinating time-related observations from Daniel Pink's best-seller, When.

  • Jesse and Drew swap dating stories. One of us took a first date to a restaurant with stripper poles. The other bought a date the Secret Garden soundtrack. Can you guess whose story is whose?

  • In this episode, we get painfully transparent about our own struggles with depression. We talk about how depression manifests itself in our own lives and some of the ways we've been able to manage it and even shorten its stay.

  • Drew claims that he can find the perfect cereal match for your mental and emotional state. Jesse is skeptical.

  • What's the last thing you quit? Whether it's a job, a relationship, or a worldview — making the decision to quit can be difficult. Jesse and Drew talk about things they've quit, when they knew it was time to quit, and what made the decision so difficult.

  • Drew and Jesse talk about a novel idea: creating your own holidays to celebrate and commemorate the things that are important in your life.

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