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Why talk to strangers?

“What brings you the most joy in life right now?”

One of the hardest parts of talking with strangers is the opening question. We talk about our favorite “openers” and how the framing of that first question can help shape the conversation.

Jesse also shares about what he loves: hearing other people’s stories. He talks about “Troy Stories,” a project he started in 2016 as a response to the poisonous online climate ahead of the 2016 election and as a way to get away from the screen, listen to voices he hadn’t normally heard, and help cultivate empathy in the community. He talks about how and why he started it, the struggles he had to overcome, what he gained from the project, and the future of the project.

Oh, and Drew is really into dogs right now (then again, who isn’t?)

🗣 What’s your favorite question to spark a conversation with a stranger? Let us know!

Listen to the episode:

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