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Volunteering challenge: 48 states in 48 weeks!

In 2009, Drew had a big idea: 48 weeks of volunteering in 48 US states. So the 48x48 project was born. But where does an idea like that come from and how do even start something that ambitious? How do you turn the desire to volunteer into the act of volunteering?

The yearlong project was challenging. It was physically exhausting, and moving from place to place, meeting people but being alone a lot — it was emotionally exhausting. Following your passion is great, but the contours of the pursuit can often be more than you bargained for.

But the amount of good he was able to do made it worth it: the people and organizations he was able to help, the number of people he was able to encourage to start volunteering, and the amazing people that encouraged him.

The key takeaway? JUST DO IT. The hardest part of volunteering is getting started. Don’t get bogged down in the practicality. Once you get over the hump of STARTING, then you can figure out the details as you go

🗣 Got some creative volunteering ideas? Let us know!

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