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5-Second Opinions

Who is more opinionated, Drew or Jesse? To find out, we came up with a game where we take turns hitting each other with topics — some controversial, some silly — and giving our opinion in 5 seconds or less. Who won? Let us know!

We give our 5-second opinion on all sorts of things: pennies, Marvel movies, recycling, bacon, existentialism, pet names, Baby Yoda, the McRib, national parks, Taco Bell, drone warfare, Christopher Nolan movies, parades, socialism, the 2020 Election, celebrity crushes, C.S. Lewis, onion rings, trophy hunting, sea lions, kombucha, ice cream flavors, American exceptionalism, snakes, Kirk vs. Picard, the best season, college, Edward Snowden, Minnesota, 90’s sitcoms, business casual, escape rooms, pet peeves, the lottery, Brexit, Area 51, flossing, dieting, executive privilege, dubstep, universal basic income, plastic bag bans, Girl Scout cookies, pot, essential oils, shaving, and neckbeards.

Listen to the episode:

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